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If you have a soft spot for Porsches like I do, you definitely won't want to miss this. This meeting happens every 3rd Saturday of the month at 8am. It takes place in the Enderle Center in Orange County, located at 14081 Yorba St, Tustin, California 92780.  

This engine bay is so meticulous, you eat right off of it. 
The decal on this just work some how. May be it's the black and red combo. 
Love the wheels on this 996, it looks like a modern remake of the original Fuchs in 19 inch. The brush face is a really nice touch. Not to mention the subtle wing on the deck, it's flow really well and not hideous at all.
When I see this color on any car, I used to think - WHY! Nowadays, my first thought is why not, I now believe that's is one of the best color out there along with BRG. 
What a lucky day for me, I see both of my favorite paint jobs one next to another. I'll take them both.

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